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Yesterday got away from me and I didn’t even have a few minutes to add a post, so I thought I would share a few projects today.

First up is the “Dish Rug”.  This project is designed and shared by Connie over at her blog called “Quilting by the River“.  She has quite a few tutorials on her blog, but I chose this particular one because of its practicality, minimal supplies and ease in assembly.  Sometimes a quick and easy project is just the ticket to get that sewing machine humming along.

I love the idea of a “Dish Rug”.  I often sit a dish towel on the counter to air dry dishes that I’ve hand washed.  Light bulb moment here and a great idea from Connie….   Why not enjoy a quilt on the countertop that is both practical and pretty while doing the dishes?  I certainly have never thought to make a little quilt to air dry dishes, have you?  It’s quite clever and practical and one I just had to share with you today.

Next up are 2 cutting files for those who enjoy their Silhouettes and other cutting machines.  The talented artist behind these beautiful designs is Monica Bjork from “Monica’s Creative Room“.  Monica is certainly creative as her website says, but she is also an incredibly talented gal.  I just can’t seem to find the words to describe how amazing these paper creations are.  So, wordless as I am, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking and introduce you to Monica’s Creative Room.

A relatively short post today in words, but one that certainly packs a punch as far as creativity is concerned.  I want to thank both Monica and Connie for their wonderful blogs and for these amazing projects.

Until tomorrow, have a Blessed Day.



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I made this little Valentine booklet awhile back, but wanted to pass it along as I think it’s a project worth revisiting.  I enjoy making books of all kinds, and this small, intimate book can be used as an informational project or as a heartfelt card for a loved one.  In any case, and without any further ado, here’s the book. 

Heartfelt Book


This easy to make book was created using just one sheet of card stock that was scored, cut & folded to create the pages & cover of the book all in one.  The fabulous background behind the heart was made using a a sponge brush and a very small amount of white glue.  I “swished” the brush over the area I wanted to highlight in a very light-handed manner.  I then added gold embossing powder and the result is what you see.  The heart is an Origami method of paper folding.  Each page has a matte of red with a different stamped heart on it and the last page is the sentiment and signature page.  The entire book is kept together using a red shiny cord.  I punched equal circles from each end and threaded the cord through the holes and tied it off as shown on the picture.

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I wanted to make a Thank You card that was something my hubby would be able to send to a business associate.  My picture of this isn’t great, but the card in person turned out very well and was one of the quickest and easiest cards I’ve made.  I used scrap ribbon and card stock along with a simple sentiment and it was ready to go.

It's doesn't get easier than this.

It's doesn't get easier than this.

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