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I love being the part of the community at Your Paper Pantry and decided to join the 75% Spring Challenge for February. This is how it works, the participants are given some paper and embellishments and are required to use 75% of those materials to make a project of your choice, using the theme of the month. This month the theme was Spring. The finished project is then sent to the Hostess of the challenge and we receive one of the other participant’s projects in return. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yet for me it was fun yet quite intimidating at the same time.

75% challenge Spring - Banner

This is my first attempt at such an endeavor and it was truly a challenge for me. When I first received my packet with some 4″ x 4″ papers, a few short pieces of seam binding, washi tape (a must use item) and printed images, I worried what to make with these elements. After a lot of thought, and even one sleepless night, it dawned on me to make a Spring banner. Why that thought came to me is a mystery since I have never made a banner before. Given the fact that the papers were so small I wondered if the banner would be an acceptable project to send in, yet I marched forward and started cutting and gluing. I worried if I cut something wrong I wouldn’t have any excess to work with, but still my resolve to make my project along with my commitment to the group kept me going. I thought the end result turned out rather well. Then I had yet another dilemma, I still had some paper, albeit cut in odd shapes, a few images, a bit of the 3 colors of washi tape (less than 5″ in total) and a few tidbits of seam binding left over. Since we had to use 75% of the materials sent, I knew I needed to make another project. What to do with such odd shapes of paper and small bits and pieces caused me a bit of stress I must admit? Marching forward I decided to make a meandering mini album with tags. You guessed it, I never made a meandering mini tag album before, but I didn’t let that stop me, not at all. It was a huge challenge for me though as almost all of the leftover papers were cut in small triangles. It took 2 days of piecing everything together, including gluing and mitering edges of small pieces of paper on the front cover to make it look completely covered when in fact it wasn’t. I do like the end result of this mini album and tags and love the fact that I was able to use all but a few tidbits of the materials to make 2 projects. It was a creative challenge and a boatload of fun.

I didn’t take pictures of each decorated page due to time restraints in getting everything packaged and mailed to Shelley in time, but I did take a moment to shoot the front cover along with the tags and those pictures are below. I worry if my projects will measure up to challenge, but at this point they are on their way and I just have to hope they will be OK.

75% challenge Spring - Mini Tag Book

75% challenge Spring - Tags for mini book

If you haven’t checked out the wonderful folks over at YPP, I would highly recommend you taking a look. It is the most positive place I have found, the projects are exceptional and the people are second to none. I love having a place to exchange ideas and learn about paper crafting and I hope you do too.

Until next time, God Bless,


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I’m working on a boatload of projects today, but wanted to talk about a fabulous planner from Brocante Home that you may enjoy putting together.

Click here to visit BrocanteHome.

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I made this little Valentine booklet awhile back, but wanted to pass it along as I think it’s a project worth revisiting.  I enjoy making books of all kinds, and this small, intimate book can be used as an informational project or as a heartfelt card for a loved one.  In any case, and without any further ado, here’s the book. 

Heartfelt Book


This easy to make book was created using just one sheet of card stock that was scored, cut & folded to create the pages & cover of the book all in one.  The fabulous background behind the heart was made using a a sponge brush and a very small amount of white glue.  I “swished” the brush over the area I wanted to highlight in a very light-handed manner.  I then added gold embossing powder and the result is what you see.  The heart is an Origami method of paper folding.  Each page has a matte of red with a different stamped heart on it and the last page is the sentiment and signature page.  The entire book is kept together using a red shiny cord.  I punched equal circles from each end and threaded the cord through the holes and tied it off as shown on the picture.

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