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Birthday Tote

I’ve been remiss in sharing this quilted tote bag with you. I made this tote for our eldest daughter, Kim, whose birthday was in June. I wanted to do something for her that was handmade, and thought this would be the perfect choice.

The tote has 2 pockets, one is the quilted pocket on the front and the other is a pocket inside to hold smaller items. When working on the color scheme I knew I wanted a bright blue base but I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for the accent colors. I spent quite awhile auditioning colors at my quilt shop until I hit upon the orange, lime green and pale yellow. I knew immediately that was the combination I was looking for. Those particular colors reminded me of orange, lemon & lime sherbet.

I got the inspiration and pattern from my very favorite podcast called “Let’s Quilt”. If you are a quilter you simply must watch Helene’s quilting tutorials, she is a master at teaching the art of quilting in a very slow, easy to understand and precise manner which I love. Even though I’ve quilted for years I always learn something new from Helene and look forward to each and every episode. She just completed a new project called Mexicali Rose Table Topper which is simply beautiful. I want to order the pattern and make that topper. I think it will be the perfect project to work on after Christmas when I’ll be longing for spring flowers.

Tote Bag with Quilted Pocket

Colors & design are more brilliant in person.

In addition, Harwood Podcast Network offers a plethora of programs from high tech to photography to cooking. I especially enjoy the cooking episodes which are hosted by Cindy Harris. Cindy is masterful at teaching cooking techniques and sharing her mouth watering recipes. I’ve tried quite a few of Cindy’s recipes and can tell you firsthand that every dish has been a big hit in our home. If you haven’t checked out any of their programs just click here to go to the Harwood Podcast Network and see for yourself all they have to offer. As a side bonus, you can also find all of the programs on Itunes and download them there.

In the meantime, have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow with another thought or project.


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For years the Crockpot has been part of many kitchens, including mine, but often times under used. For me, I enjoy putting together a meal earlier in the day and enjoy the wonderful aromas that fill the house during the cooking process. However, I’m not always planned enough and thus the Crockpot stays tucked away in the cabinet ready for another day.

When I am prepared and plan ahead though, I love that my Crockpot has a delicious meal ready for supper just at the time of day when I’m starting to get a little tired. As an added bonus, using the Crockpot fills our home all afternoon with wonderful aromas. What sometimes can be difficult is finding new and what I call “real world” recipes so I typically use my old standbys. Using my standbys isn’t a bad thing mind you, it’s just that I get into a rut and it’s always nice to find something new for a change. Well I may have solved that dilemma with a daily blog I just discovered that is dedicated to Crockpot cooking and recipes. The blog is called “A Year of Slow Cooking” and is authored by Stephanie O’Dea. I’m anxious to try out some of Stephanie’s recipes and thought her site may be of interest to you as well. Something to pay attention to on Stephanie’s blog is her VERDICT at the bottom of each of her recipe posts. I’ve noticed some of the verdicts she posts aren’t positive and she says she wouldn’t recommend that particular recipe. Most of the verdicts, however, are very positive. I definitely like that she gives the reader an honest opinion of the recipe from both her view as well as her family’s view. In any case, you may want to check out her blog and try some of the recipes for yourself. Bon Appetite!!

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