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The Documented Life is a wonderful project that began with 5 artists, Lorraine Bell, Sandy Keene, Rae Missigman, Barbara Moore and Robin Marie-Smith. I won’t go into how the project came to fruition since you can read about it directly from the artists on their blog called Art To The 5th.  Suffice it to say it has taken mixed media lovers by storm.  They have a very active Facebook Page where participants in the project post their wonderful creations and chit-chat about the project.

You may be asking yourself why does the title say week 12 when this is the first time I’m seeing this here? The answer is quite simple, I just discovered this wonderful project a week or so ago and decided to jump on the band wagon even though I’m late getting started. With that being said, I do plan on backtracking the previous 11 weeks and create some mixed media pages and do a bit of journaling.

For now I will to focus on the present week and give a quick synopsis of why I began this journey and how I put together this week’s pages.  I saw a You Tube video about the Documented Life explaining how these journals encompass 3 elements, Daily Planning, Journaling and Mixed Media.  I thought this was such a wonderful idea and went online that very same day to order my Moleskin Planner along with a pad of 90 lb watercolor paper and patiently waited for it to be delivered.  I had some Washi Tape so I was ready to begin putting my journal together once everything arrived.  With all my excitement to get started working on this weeks events along with creating my mixed media page, I didn’t complete adding all the watercolor pages to the planner yet.  I hope to get the rest of the watercolor paper taped in along with the monthly tabs prior to next week’s entry.

Documented Life Journal in Progress

My plan is to journal about blessings and positive things in my life and not write about day-to-day activities, although a few special occasions may show up every now and again.  The mixed media part of the journal is definitely a journey for me.  I have dabbled in my art journal over the past few years, but I have much to learn.  I hope to grow in my knowledge of colors, layouts, backgrounds, textures and everything that is part of this wonderful segment of the art world as I travel on this journey.

Week 12 St. Patrick's Day

The first page was done with St. Patrick in mind since Monday the 17th was to celebrate his day.  I am part Irish and wanted to dedicate a page to this wonderful Saint and for my Irish heritage.  It is simple as simple can be, I first took yellow chalk and colored the entire page, then I took the shamrock depicting a short story about St. Patrick and adhered it to my page with Mod Podge.  I love polka dots and thought it would be fun to do an outline around the shamrock with my paint pen.  So far so good.  Once I doodled semi-circles at the bottom of the page with my green paint pen it looked horrible and I thought I had ruined the page.  Alas, gesso to the rescue.  I took the gesso and dabbed it on the bottom with my finger then low and behold it started to mix with the green paint pen to make a wonderful color of green.  I really liked how it was turning out and painted it all around the page, leaving the bright yellow to surround the shamrock.  Happy mistake for sure.

I forgot to mention, each week there is a theme (or prompt) to get us started on our pages and this week the theme is “cut up something from a magazine and add”.  I used several items both on my mixed media page as well as my planner portion of the journal to complete this.  The Happy St. Pat’s was originally a flag that I cut from a magazine.  The sentiment and butterfly were also cut from magazines.  The butterfly made by using one of my stencils and drawing around the open space then cutting it out from a magazine page.  I really like the sentiment “Love your everyday life” and thought it was appropriate for my journal since I want to focus on positive thoughts and blessings.  The flowers are simply copy paper colored with watercolor pencils and brushed with water.  Each flower center is glittered as well as the butterfly.  Stickles were used for the flight pattern and a bit of lace was added to the bottom of the page just because I love lace so much.  There are several layers of paint, watercolor pencil and gesso for the background and border.

Week 12 Something Clipped From a Magazine

Week 12 Close Up of Sentiment

Week 12 Close Up of Butterfly

I apologize in advance for the wordiness of this post, but I just couldn’t resist chatting about this fun new project I’m working on.

Until next time, God Bless



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