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I learned to crochet years ago but haven’t done much of it recently. No reason for not pulling out my yarn and crochet hooks with the exception of hating how my hand begins to cramp when working for any period of time on a project. If you have that same type of problem you may be interested in an innovative crochet hook with a handle. Just by accident I ran across this crochet hook at Hobby Lobby (made by Susan Bates) and thought I would give it a whirl. What I like about this hook is the handle which makes it so much easier to hold and thus makes my hands cramp less when working on a project. I have no idea how long this type of crochet hook has been in existence, but I must say I like it a lot.

I have a special project in mind (a crochet rosary) to make for our granddaughter when she makes her First Communion next year and I’m hoping this type of hook comes in a very small hook size for the project. I’ve never tried to crochet such an intricate project like a rosary before, but I have a pattern and am anxious to see how it turns out.


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