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Food trucks have taken the food industry by storm and have brought gourmet food to a new level all over the country.  St Louis is no exception.  We currently have a dozen or so of these great food trucks around the city and the newest one to hit the streets is called “Guerrilla Street Food“.  On July 22nd, Guerilla Street Food will have its grand opening at the 2nd Food Truck Friday event held at Tower Grove Park.

Now you may be asking why I would be writing about a food event on my craft blog.  The reason is simple, our son Brian and his business partner Joel are the owners of the Guerrilla Street Food Truck.  We are so proud of Brian.  He has worked very hard over the years and has moved up the ranks starting very early in his career at a small coffee shop baking amazingly good cinnamon rolls in Minneapolis.  After moving back to St. Louis he moved up the ranks from line cook to sous chef and from there was hired to be the Executive Chef at Terrene.  Most recently he has been a personal chef.  Now his dream to become the owner of his own business is about to come to fruition with the opening of Guerrilla Street Food on July 22nd.

Just to be a proud mom here, he has had several articles written about him in Sauce Magazine, our local source for everything food.  In the past he has also been the featured chef on Great Day In St. Louis and  Sauce on the Street on local tv.

If you are in the St. Louis area, please think about coming out to the 2nd Food Truck Friday event at Tower Grove Park on Friday, July 22nd from 5:00-8:00pm.  You will have a fun-filled evening and enjoy some fabulous eats from our local food trucks.  See you there!!!


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