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Did you know that pretzels, those yummy baked treats we often get at the mall or mass-produced and sold to us in a cello bag, actually got their roots from the early Christians?  I may have known that at some point in time, but it certainly has been tucked away in the cobwebs of my brain.  So I was happy when I stumbled across Lacy’s post about this very topic to help me recall this fact.

“Catholic Icing” is written by Lacy and I thought sharing this fabulous site along with the pretzel printable and recipe would be quite nice for this Friday, the first week in Lent.  Lacy has a short synopsis about the pretzel along with her originally designed free printable and pretzel recipe, but she also includes this link that talks more in-depth about the pretzel.   Such a simple food, the pretzel, yet one that is steeped in tradition and is a gentle reminder for us about prayer and penance.

I want to thank Lacy over at Catholic Icing for this lovely printable, recipe and Lenten reminder.

This is a short post today, but I’ve been under the weather this week and hope to be back to myself soon.  Thank you for visiting and I wish many Blessings for you and your family.


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Homemade Deliciousness

I was wandering through a few quilting blogs yesterday and followed a link to a fabulous blog called the Old Red Barn Co.. As I meandered through the latest postings I saw a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls. As soon as I saw the post I knew I had to whip up a batch. So, I ran upstairs, gathered the ingredients and started mixing and kneading the dough. The result was some of the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever eaten if I do say so myself.

Anyone who knows me is aware that one of my favorite things to make in the kitchen are yeast type breads and rolls, so this recipe was right down my alley.

Don’t be afraid to try your hand at yeast dough, jump in and give it a whirl. Two of my best tips are first to have an instant read thermometer and make sure the water used to proof the yeast is around 110 degrees (that always works for me). Secondly, always make sure the yeast is fresh. You can easily tell the freshness of the yeast by checking the date on the package. My rule of thumb is if it’s outdated throw it out. Although I must say that once you try your hand and succeed at baking with yeast dough, you won’t have a problem with outdated yeast. You’ll be whipping up a ton of fresh baked goodies for your family regularly.

Specials thanks go to the Old Red Barn Co. for sharing this fabulous recipe!!!

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