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For me a true artisan is one who has a God-given talent to create beautiful pieces of art. I am not one of those people, I am simply a person who enjoys sewing & crafting as a hobby. However, when I see someone whose work is what I consider to be true art I stand in awe. I give you this prelude because I just discovered one of those special people, Denise Perreault.

Denise came to my attention when I received a comment on my blog from her the other day. I hopped over to her site to check it out and what I discovered was a variety of artwork made by Denise using fibers, beads and glass. I was awestruck with her talent and had to share her site with you.

Some of my favorite pieces of artwork she has featured on her site are the Handwoven Table Runner (the detail on this is stunning), the “Sunflower Belt” and the “Aspen Alley Basket”.

If you have a moment or two I would encourage you to hop on over to Denise’s website and see all of the special pieces she has exhibited there, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Picture from Paulette's blog at beedeebabee.blogspot.com


I love sharing links to other sites that you may be interested in.   

If you enjoy truly original and quality handmade beaded and sewn items, you simply must check out Paulette’s blog called beedeebabee.  She also has an Etsy shop which offers her handcrafted items.  This picture is just one sample of what she has to offer.  

Hop on over to her fabulous blog by clicking here

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